Are listings in CamsOnTV free?
We do not charge for listing your webcam in CamsOnTV, however...
Do you host our videos or images?
No, and since your inclusion in CamsOnTV will likely increase the number of people viewing your webcam video or images we need permission from whoever will pay for those extra views before we can list your webcam in CamsOnTV.
Can viewers click thru to my website?
Roku doesn't have a web browser so this isn't possible. However, we encourage you to list your website in the "Attribution" field, but most importantly enclose your web url in square brakets and include it in the optional "Information" section. In this way users can just click a button to have the link to your website emailed to them!
Can I edit or delete my listing after it's been posted?
Of course. When we approve your listing we'll send you an email asking you to verify the listing. That email will also contain a link that lets you edit or remove your listing.
How can I contact you if I have further questions?
Email us at: support@weather4us.com